La Minute Munch poster

It’s official, The Minute Munch is on its way ! a short program, trans-média, free for everyone to enjoy!


Red Revolver and Data-projekt initiated a project of a mobile application having the purpose of broadcasting geolocalized local videos. A lot of complicated words to say that on this App you will find content on Strasbourg and/or by locals, located along the tram lines. And for this idea, they won the Tango & Scan 2016 prize and the special prize of the City of Strasbourg. And the partners are varied, from the CTS to the INA: discover all the info here:

And me in this? I direct a small series: The Minute Munch (I did not choose the name XD), for 10 episodes on an improved vlog format.

Very subjectively, this app is a great idea, maybe a chance to run Cross-media on a local scale with local content. With a bit of luck, we will succeed in giving visibility to other projects on this platform! Well, for now, finger crossed and I keep you posted!