And as every year, although this one was not planned…[drum roll]…Hackoween! an improvised music video for halloween.

Why Improvised ? cause I offered Maxime to do this video not even a week before shooting it. And the overal creation process took only about 3 or 4 days spreaded over a week. So for sure, it isn’t perfect, as for instance those aweful chromatic distortion. But here it is, just in time for Halloween !

Then Again, i also have to thanks Charlotte Schmitt for joining us on this project, Obviously Maxime Ecoiffier, but also Foundry Studios in Strasbourg for helping us with this and providing us with the set, as well as Fabrice Hirmance for his advices.

Shot on the Canon C500 with canon CNE 50 and 85mm.

You’ll find kind of a making of in the Shooting’s day VLOG (and in the couple followings) !