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It : a cute little clown !

In / Criticby XM studio host

It must have been a good 10 years since I went to the cinema to see a horror movie (imagine, it was Silent Hill) and I went back for it. Well, yes, It. The occasion of the opening of the fantastic film festival of Strasbourg and Halloween approaching got me curious, along with a nice trailer and the promise of a nice company. In other words, my expectations were rather low towards the film.

And yet It managed to disappoint me slightly. The fault, as explained repeatedly in video essays on YouTube(*1, *2), to the predominance of Jump Scare on good old angst. Comparatively, I was far more biting my nails in front of Oculus, which relies much more on psychology or in front of The Shining, which creepyness power at the mere sight of the door of room 237 is just fantastic!

So yes, you will have understood by now, if a few thrills are guaranteed thanks to a good staging, some well found visual effects and thanks – as always – to the soundtrack, the film still relies very much on jump scares. (Some of which have already been sold by the trailer.) In other words, we are not in front of the most scary movie of the year, or the genre is really in the panade. In the end, even if the atmosphere is well set up from the very beginning, the clichés of the genre remain remain present and the the overall creepyness could have been more worked out.

Yet, to me, the interest of the film relies elsewhere: namely in his well-worked universe. And even if I did not have the pleasure of reading the corresponding book from Stephen King, being familiar with his style, I can say I found his touche here or there, in the scenery, the characters, and even the concept of the clown. Besides, the graphic style is well worked, the lighting and the colors are pleasant to the eye. Likewise, special effects and visual effects are well executed.
In the same way the actors are doing very well, despite there young age, with couple lines being sometimes funny (to tell you, I think I heard more laughter than scared people in the room).

In conclusion, It has a real interest, but not necessarily where it is expected: go see It for a few thrills yes, but especially for a well-worked and well-staged universe.

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