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Wind River : a cold and mysterious thriller

In / Criticby XM studio host

Good reviews and the fact that the script was written by the author of Sicario took me in the footsteps of Wind River, a thriller in the mountains of Wyoming.

Strangely enough, the film is very good on one side and sort of disappointing on the other, and not on technical aspects for the realization is classic but solid and the actor are all delivering a more than decent performance.
This double reading takes root from the very beginning when Jeremy Renner’s character is presented to us with difficulty in his couple or former couple – we do not know too much about it – before leaving for a hunting mission in the Wind River Indian Reserve. And to take this example, this strange situation is brought back several times without any development being made throughout the movie.
Similarly, the epilogue is quite slow, presenting interactions between the characters which could bring elements of resolutions, and yet are left hanging with no real answer. From these moments comes a certain length in all the sequences “in the valley”.

Au contraire, all the scenes involving the investigation, the tracking, in this white, cold and silent environment are delectable. There are some components of The Revenant (cold and white) but in a more mysterious, perhaps parallel universe. The suspense in these moments is well managed and the outcome, although less impressive than in Sicario for example, works all the same well.

Perhaps my expectations were too great, or maybe the delays of Wind River were the cause, but I came out of the cinema a bit frustrated. Yet the aesthetic and narrative power of this investigation in the snow remains undeniable. Go ahead and make your own idea about what still is a good cop movie. And go drink a nice hot chocolate afterwards!

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