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Spider-Man: Homecoming – Deadpoolish for kids !

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I confess: I was a bit skeptical. The critics, even if they were not frankly good, were not unanimous as to Spider-Man: Homecoming. And yet, waiting to see Valerian, I said to myself that “why not?”. And in the end it was a good surprise!

We can skip the usual technicalities right from the beginning: it is a Marvel movie, so it is clean without anything crazy.

No, where the critics diverge, it’s about the style a little as it is a “Coming of Age” movie, with a very teenage Spiderman and a very present Tony Stark. Let’s be clear: I was the first to sulk the Amazing Spider-man, having myself grown up with the franchise of 2002 and Tobey Maguire in the costume. Also the perspective of another baby Amazing Spiderman did not delight me.

That being said, in the end, this Spider-man is cool and more specifically, coherent with the universe Marvel. Yes, it’s true, he’s still a kid going in Highschool with his little problems. Nevertheless, he seems to be less naive than his predecessor – perhaps also thanks to a less dramatic actor – and finds a good mirror in his relationship with Tony Stark. Is it faithful to the Comic? I do not know, but at this point in the franchises, a good film is already enough. There is also that, compared to the Amazing Spiderman which came out of nowhere, this opus is part of the Marvel universe and gives the film a credible villain with credible weapons contributing to the coherence of the whole. And finally, Tony Stark is my personal favorite. Here, it’s said.

In conclusion, Spider-Man: Homecoming may not be the best Spider-man of all time, but it remains a very good Marvel – almost a Deadpool child version – and should be regarded as such.

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