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Baby Driver, finally something fast and furious !

In / Critic by XM studio host

How could I miss the last Edgar Wright movie? No, I could not, the genius of the Cornetto trilogy, with his so particular style. So I ran to see Baby Driver, full of expectations, dangerous thing as you know. So, is this a good movie?

A horror, two hours of absolute boredom … no just kidding! If I had more difficult time finding the usual “visual comedy” aspect of the Cornetto trilogy, one can still see that the artist’s touch is always present. Ultimately, the film works very well, and if Edgar Wright attempts to play in the Blockbuster arena, he does so while breaking certain codes that make the genre redhibitory. And from certain angles, he made me thought of Quentin Tarantino who also makes big budget with talent. The first point of comparison with Tarantino would be, for me, the abundant use of music (quality and a little vintage musics). A second, and far less expected, was at times a use of dialogues that, with length and banality, covers what is to come.

Technically, the film works very well: the script is simple but rock solid, the actors irreproachable, the music excellent. But it’s as always with the camera work that Wright stands out so well. There is probably less visual humor, as I introduced, but there are always as many close-ups, details, fast cuts … And in comparison with Fast and Furious always too predictable and where The car has long been in the background, Baby Driver offers very beautiful scenes, clear and understandable, where the use of the cars is not pushy but on the contrary very spontaneous in the narrative frame (and that matches the expectations of the spectators ).

And voila, I may have over-sold you a film that is already very well rated. Is this the best Edgar Wright? Hard to say. Is it a good movie? Yes and very good entertainment!

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