Pirates of the Caribbean 5 : Disney Tell No Tales …

In / Critic by XM studio host

In search of family movie, a Sunday entertainment, I went with my parents Pirates of the Caribbean 5.

Pirates was a franchise that I loved when Gore Verbinski was at the helm. The first film, a little bit complicated and long still remains a classic pirate movie and the next two, although a little different visually, perpetuated nevertheless the tradition with a darker aspect. The fourth opus was, in my opinion, completely off with more scenes on land than on the sea. If you do not have the budget for the sea, don’t do it!

So what about the fifth opus? New villain, rather credible in the end … vengeance, does always works. New magical object: Poseidon’s Trident … really? How did you came up with that?
The premise is therefore already a little weak.

Nevertheless, the film opens rather well, fairly faithful to the first trilogy. There is humor, the Captain is very present. There’s water and boats … and despite the weaknesses of the script, the film has a good dynamic. Everything gets confused after the first half where the story gets a bit stuck and lacks spirits.

I will stop here since the technical side is always clean. The franchise has run out of strong idea and, to my taste, the absence of Gore Verbinski left an enormous gap in the Pirate saga.
For Pirates of the Caribbean 5, VOD will be sufficient, unless, as for us, there’s nothing else to see …

If despite this you wanna know more: IMDb !