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Faces Places, a sweet, soft like cotton movie

In / Critic by XM studio host

With Faces Places, I went to see an outsider, a film that very few of you will see. And for a good reason, it is very far from the usual cinema, the spectacly sparklely exploding one, and the uninitiated risks to leave after twenty minutes not without spilling his popcorn on the ground “because anyway there are people who clean after”.

And yet it would be to miss a very beautiful moment of poetry. I went there for the sole reason that, having treated of this film in a montage for Cannes, my curiosity of these great photos on all supports got inspired. And it is true that this first quarter of an hour raises the question of “where are we going with all this?”. Will the voice-over and a few villages in France suffice to keep me in suspense for 1h30?

So yes it is true the image is simple and without artifice, here and there one can even see the stabilization done digitally in post, but that is precisely what makes the beauty of this film: its great simplicity. They are people, places, stories that have been gathered together and fixed in a cliché, sometimes ephemeral. And this duo JR – Varda with their sometimes childish dialogues reminds us that the essence of life and happiness reside in simple things and in our relationships with others.

So drop off the technique, the narration, all my rigid criteria. From Faces Places, one will remember a beautiful moment of poetry, a small piece of melancholy and soft cocoon, of energy, strength and calm that is an ode to life and death, without falling into the pretentious cliché. To whom will appreciate…

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