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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 : a tiny party inside my brain !

In / Criticby XM studio host

Music, colors and humor. Nothing that in theory would fit a super hero movie, or even blockbuster that, in general, take themselves too seriously. And yet the Guardians of the Galaxy two was a good surprise.

As you know, it’s all about expectations, and saying I had none would be an understatement. Having seen the first one and being rather pleased with it, I was hopping to feel the same vibe, without being a pale copy. Well it’s not as they manage to bring a new development to Flynn. And yes the Character arc is very cliché, super simple and almost boring to a certain extend, it still drives the movie quite well.
The universe itself is quite faithful to the first opus, and there is no big changes into it. Even the story, when you think about it, if very simple : a hero going after his dad and origins. Big Woop ! And yet by following the simple rule of “sequel should develop the main character’s thoughts, emotions and universe”, they make us care enough for us to have a good time.
Of course, without the jokes and the musics, the movie would have probably felt a lot more empty or shallow, but they achieved this subtle and fragile balance.

As well, not being too serious might end up being a chip trick in the upcoming episode, so they’ll have to be careful. But for now, it was a good episode as it was technically clean (as expected) and as I had a good time. (What else do you want ? being mind blew by Marvel ? ah ah good joke!)

Was Guardians of the Galaxy 2 a good Marvel? I guess so if you keep your expectations low and don’t pay a to steap price for it. The initial recipe still work, but careful cause it won’t forever !

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