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Ghost In The Shell : a mildly spicy studio soup

In / Criticby XM studio host

As per usual, here is the review of Ghost in the Shell, even though I won’t dwell on it. For lack of time first, out of envy, and because many things have already been said.

In this case, the universe comes from the homonym video game that I do not know. As for adaptation, I will not be able to say whether it is good, faithful, complete or not.
I can, therefore, only criticize the impact the story had on me and on this subject the verdict is without appeal. The first half seemed to me as cold and impersonal as possible. I kept wondering where they wanted to take us and what were the implications of the character.
Yet, once the film gets in motion, and the first twist arrives, no more worries, then we have a clear direction and an appealing story.

A thread that Blockbuster knows to follow so well the with surgical precision. And technically it’s fairly standard. What saves the whole deal is the very rich graphic universe that is worth being seen once.

But not much more. Ghost In The Shell is an entertainment that the industry knows how to produce, a spicy studio soup, but not a masterpiece, although the universe is unique and worth seeing.

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