lady mcbeth

Lady McBeth: raw cold power

In / Criticby XM studio host

Lady Mcbeth, a film title that sound boring. A trailer that appeared to me as just an other movie about Aristocrats and their problems. But don’t be fooled by the appearance of this film for it is wicked !

Lady Mcbeth nailed me to the bottom of my chair as it starts as an innocent “boring” movie and slowly shift. Hence, the story structure is remarkable and find a good balance between letting the audience foresee what may come, and surprise us. As often, it is simple and efficient : one is not lost in a continuous stream of information, instead we have a simple character with a simple goal being a powerful driver. One could argue that all is a touch simple and “easy”, but for who comes with an open mind and without to much expectation, it should offer enough entertainment.

Regarding the acting performance, the poster advertised “the new revelation…” which is to a certain extend true. Florence Pugh Delivers indeed a remarkable performance, even if the script was handing it the her in the first place. Yet, I can’t complain regarding that.

Now regarding the music, there is almost none, or at least that I noticed. What really stood out however, was the camera work which is truly amazing. There is a real refinement is most shots, working with symmetry, lights, shapes and even sometimes, colors. This movie is beautiful in a cold and gloomy way. It appears as noble and proud as Lady McBeth herself !

Now to answer the question shall you watch it, I would say yes without hesitation if you wanna be thrilled. It is not a thriller in the conventional way with blood, crime scene and all, but the tension that builds over the entire film is really worth every penny I paid for !

If you wanna learn more about it : IMDb !