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Lion, a tiny swett kitty for a film instead

In / Criticby XM studio host

Lion was presented as THE new Slumdog Millionaire … yeah… You must never over-sell, it’s not good for critics. I am unfortunately too busy to go into too much details in my latest reviews so I will make it simple and short:

Lion is not a bad movie, but presented as it was, I expected much more. Behind some somewhat exotic aspects, it remains ultimately very condescending in its treatment, by excess of prudence perhaps. The pitch is simple: a child, in India, gets on a train and gets taken to the other end of the country. It is indeed the door open to exoticism, open on this great mysterious country, this jungle that is India for a small child. And this part works pretty well, although I had a little trouble really being afraid for the little one, since the trailer has already sold us the following: This little one grew up in Australia in the best conditions possible. It’s just that he wants to find his mother (back in India). What begins with a laudable intention, if the treatment had been less melodramatic. This second part is a little slow and a little cheesy.
The thing is, it is a real story, which was immortalized on video in 2015. Thus, the film closes on the images of the real reunion for a double kisscool effect: it is touching on some aspect, but on others it gives the film a “report” touch, more vulgar. The difference between an ending title and a raw (non-cinematographic) video is that the universe of the film is torn: the mysterious bubble of the filmic universe breaks out and takes us too quickly out of our seats.

In the end, Lion is a lot of Oscar nominations, I find for, a lot ofchoices that do not make it an extra-ordinary film more than the common measure … So if you have the opportunity to see it, why not, but do not expect miracles either.

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