kimi no na wa film poster

Your Name, totemo sugoi!

In / Critic by XM studio host

I just got back from Your Name, Kimi no na wa being it’s original title, Japanese animated film by Makoto Shinkai. As a great fan of anime, I could not miss it regarding the success it has both in Japan and other countries. And with too high expectations comes…

… Ok no I won’t exaggerate, the movie was good. It’s just that the narrative structure will have me somewhat disconcerted, but overall I found what I was looking for when coming to see this film: the anime atmosphere, Japanese, this micro slice “there” on the one hand, but also the innocent poetry that the Japanese know so well to paint.

If graphically, it is comparable to a lot of animate and is quite standard in the end, it is true that the story is rather beautiful and well detailed. There are, however, a few lengths and narrative block sorts of emerge too blatantly, proof that angles could still be smoothed.

This being so, the film is pleasant, the story remains nevertheless energetic and we spend a good time. And as I publish these lines a few days later, the memory remains pleasant: Your Name is a must see for all the otaku of the genre!

As usual you’ll find more info on IMDb! they don’t have teaser so here is the french one, but you might find something somewhere else 😉