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Rogue One, only half a Star Wars Story

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And here’s my long expected review of Rogue One at Star Wars Story. And if I took so much time, it is partly because of me procrastinating and partly because I wasn’t quite sure what to say about this film. Not that it is bad, but it hasn’t left me a strong memory. Here’s why :

Seen in IMAX as is the tradition, I had a high enough hope for the visuals, which in general surpass, on this kind of prod, the quality of the story. Especially since last year, Star Wars 7 distinguished itself more by a few kick-ass shots than by the narration. And as always, with too high expectations comes disappointment. I shall not be to harsh on it neither because certain plans (the cruiser above Jedha, the final plans) are rather beautiful. Even though in many respects Rogue One remains quite common and did not leave me with incredible memories two weeks later. (While in contrast SW7 has left me some beautiful shots in mind). Also note that the quality of 3D IMAX is impeccable!

Let’s make a detour through the music, composed not by John Williams, but by Michael Giacchino, who has already signed many big prod, but who does not have the master’s touch either. If here and there one is duped because imitation is well done, the more global work is rather bland and is listened to with less pleasure than the previous opus. There are few themes that come back (the March, the force’s one…) and some inspiration, but no theme emerges for the character of…

… what is his name already? Ah yes, Jyn Erso. For the story itself is not incredible either. Or at least, the start is quite slow and was at the limit of losing me when the action finally begins on Jedha. There are then some nice sequences, but is it up to a Star Wars? The positive side that emerges from the experience comes in reality from the “wow” effect of the end of the movie. The actions builds up with a very sympathetic final in space and connects perfectly with Episode 4 (A new hope). So you get a “wow it’s too cool” effect because you project yourself with excitement in the next film and this entanglement of the two movie gets pretty enjoyable. But in retrospect the story remains rather simplistic.

As for the actors, nothing to say: we are after all at a Hollywood level ensuring a minimum of quality. Note that two actor were resurrected for the film, thanks to magnificent 3D techniques. It’s of an amazing, I have to say, quality, and yet it’s still perceptible … the fault of what? I wonder…

In conclusion, Rogue One, a must see? Not necessarily, or rather try not pay the high price, do not place your expectations too high and it will be worth it.

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