Arrival, what a concept!

In / Criticby XM studio host

Ouh I did take a long time because of the Nikon Film festival, to write this review down, review of a unique movie: Arrival, a rich and colorful film! Well it is here just a figure of speech as it is actually not so colorful. It is even rather cold under many aspects but its treatment will certainly make it become a major work of Sci-Fi in the years to come as some others like Gravity or Interstellar …

So what special a bit movie has ? Certainly its approach to language and linguistics. This very concept of “what to do if tomorrow we find ourselves before an intelligent species of which we know nothing”. How to lay the foundations of a language? Are they hostile? How to understand it? What do they do there on earth, with 12 ship – it does not really look like an emissary coming to make a first encounter …
Thus, it is behind a “clickbait”trailer and a few SF clichés that hides the real treasure. In its egg 😉 . Adorned with a cold photography – often quite ordinary – but well graded and minimalist, with a main actress who makes wonder and a music that take the tangent with what we are used to, the concept of the film rises high.

It is without counting on the talent of Denis Villeneuve to raise the suspense. He had already bluffed me in Sicario by his coldness and his formidable efficiency. It was not luck. Here too, I came back with little bits of chair under the nails. (not that it is scary, but he manages suspense very well!)

In any case, one must go see this film for its genially well-treated concept of the first encounter. These linguistic problems are hardly ever seen in other movies, and yet I found it exciting. And this underscores how unique Arrival is – in contrast to franchises – in many ways. If you don’t quite believe me here, listen to the music to convince you how special it is and go to see the film to feel how effective it is!

As usual you can find more info on IMDb and today, if you’re speaking french, I add an other link to a youtube channel talking the linguistics aspects of the movie.