Kubo and the two strings – a masterpiece of finesse.

In by XM studio host

I heard of this movie through a video of the Academy. Yes, Yes, the same that organizes and delivers the Oscars every year. A small report explaining the creation process of Kubo and the Two String which pinched my curiosity. And even if it took me a little time to go see the movie, I SAW IT !

Perhaps my expectations were a little high, maybe the kid and his popcorn next to me used a bit too much of my patience, perhaps it was also the hunger that held my stomach, but I feel like I wanted a bit more, yet, without finding anything to say about the film. True, some moments might have been a touch too long, and yet I only wish the film had last longer.

Anyway, the story is beautiful, even poetic, well led and even fit for an adult, the music is enjoyable and the characters are endearing. But above all, the pictures are beautiful! Delectable! And it is all the more impressive when you consider the work involved : it’s not 3D animation, it is good old fashion stop motion. All Kubo’s small movements are made frame by frame animating this little puppet!

Check the trailer, I find it – for once – very convincing! So I leave you with this Academy video and I urge you to go see this charming little origami!

More infos on IMDb !