Nerve, finally an original Movie!

In / Criticby XM studio host

I must admit, if it was for Casey Neistat, I may have never heard of NERVE. Yet, after seeing the trailer, it seemed like a valid movie. Well, be sure it is one! This film distinguish itself by a fresh and original concept and an Indie look that is quite at the opposite that what comes from the States to Europe.

To be more specific, I might as well warn you that it won’t be easy for me to be negative with NERVE. Even if the story isn’t the most complex, the idea is original, somewhat relevant those days, and well executed. The two main actors do a wonderful job and correspond well to the universe, a very graphical one, kind of old-school science-fiction with a lot of contrast, colors and neon. As a matter of fact, most of the movies happens at night and the directors plays joyfully with that! And in the same spirit, the musics are a soft ambient electro, going well along.

At this point, it’s pointless to say that I really liked this movie as it is a coherent and original work. Of course, it always depends on expectations and I don’t wanna oversell this movies. But for sure I don’t regret the full price I had to pay for it.

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