the secret life of pets

The Secret Life of Pets ! a good boy movie !

In / Criticby XM studio host

The teaser amused me gently and it’s with an optimistic yet thoughtless mind that I went to see The Secret life of Pets.

As quite often, the teaser is quite far from the movie, at least the one I saw showing all the pets goofing around. And if the beginning kind of scared me, afraid of having to deal with a cliché movie made of cliché situations with cliché lines, the real problem comes in soon enough and brings a, not extraordinary, yet well working story. And the author still manage to add some jokes that will make you smile or lightly joke, but in all case amuse you.

There is actually not much to say about this movie that is a lot standard. The color, the set, the 3D, the plot, nothing will surprise you beyond measure, but it still remains a pleasant movie to watch, both for kids and adults.

As usual, the link : IMDb !