now you see me 2

Now you see me 2 – A valid sequel

In / Criticby XM studio host

Now you see me was a nice surprise: a good cast, with quality photography and effects, but also offering a plot which brought the “scam/robbery” film style back on the table under the label of the still as mystical magic. In short an excellent cocktail.

Now You See Me 2 manages to not to fall into the “sequel” trap by delivering a coherent story that adds up to the first without feeling as a complete copy. All the ingredients are reunited with an almost identically cast.

Then of course, the element of surprise is gone, and by extension – as almost always with the sequels – the story puts more time to get going. The grand final is less dramatic in my opinion, but still manages to surprise by always taking the viewer from behind. Finally the complete narrative structure is reviewed and works at the opposite of the first movie bringing a breath of fresh air. Yes I know I remain vague, but purposely to avoid spoilers!

So I have already said enough: we are dealing with a very convincing second part, well directed, with a real result, worthy of interest and pleasant to watch just as the first!

As usual a link to IMDb if you wanna know more !