Julieta – A timeless classic

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With Julieta Pedro Almodóvar gives us a timeless classic.

Behind this a little pretentious opening line hide more sense that I need to develop here. Again, led into the theater by my film guru, I quickly, succumbed after a few yawn shamefully hidden, to a beautiful story. If the beginning is indeed a tad long, once on in the train (metaphorically and in the movie), one is caught in the turmoil of what is a drama in the original sense of the word. Namely that the characters can not escape their fate, and the movie plays fine with that, by multiplying the references to itself. The story works well, supported by well shaped characters and good actors. And when I say “timeless classic” I refer to this Greek tragedy, aka original Drama, whose precepts, as simple as they are, still work 3000 years later !

But I am also referring to the image. There is, from the framing o the editing, something classic, if not old. I had the impression of seeing a Hitchcock or an old movie from the 30s/40s, with the same slight over-acting from the actors (on purpose), and those quick movements and cuts … and then, all what I was missing was the black and white to it. If I do not have extensive knowledge about Almodóvar’s work, it is clear here that the image and style, for Julieta at least, is incomparable!

In short, QED, if you like crying, great art!
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