café society

Café Society – a beautiful painting !

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Amid projects piling up (or rather time narrowing every days) I take five minutes to talk about the latest Woody Allen movie: Café Society.

And as I mentioned in my Vlog, no need to take oneself for an intellectual nor a die hard fan, trying to make the world believe that they know better than Woody himself and that it was not his best Woody Allen movie. I find it absurd to say that since by definition a film made by Woody Allen is a Woody Allen … I feel I repeat myself …? No ? In any case, Woody makes the movies he wants, with any narrative elements, tools and Allen keys he wants. Sorry, it was bad taste.

So leaving pretentious comments apart, let’s review Café Society:
It is, in my opinion, a very good work, coherent and functioning. I wanted to see a fresco of the 30s and Jessie Eisenberg always at his best and I was not disappointed. Regarding the “Woody Allen” factor, the movie includes a bit of cynicism here and there, some recognizable touches and that’s fine. But, by not expecting too much from the film, one can be quite happy for being gone to the cinema: The universe is very nice, the romance works very well, despite Kristen Stewart being a bit more dull (but not excessively either) and the musics – Jazz – are delectable!

At the complete opposite of Hollywood blockbusters, we are left with a canvas, as if you’d enter a museum, you’d stop in front of a painting, and it would came alive for an hour and a half. It’s soft, it’s beautiful, it’s simple, light, frames, musics, sets and costumes are delectable and that’s it.

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