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Captain America Civil War: one more sequel that raises the eternal question: are we pigeons or not? A seductive way to ask if the film you just saw is terribly bad or if it is we who are in the wrong referential.

Those who read me regularly know I love to see a movie without a prior expectations because it is in my opinion the best way of approaching a film. In contrast with these never ending sequels, they are difficult to go to with a fresh eye, without expectations and therefore without disappointment. So it is full of expectations and a worn eye that I went to see this last Marvel.
Hey no, I’m kidding! A worn eye, yes, but no expectations; rather questions, following a rather attractive trailer. But then, good or bad?

For a movie like this, criticism is not easy. Clearly, the outwork is clean but does not take any risks. Very few plans are notable, most of them being pumped up in CGI, or without great visual research … (although I am a little mean: the visual search is in its blockbuster style … but certainly not artistic) The music, a bit repetitive are left forgotten quickly as on almost all Marvels (with the exception of Iron Man and Superman by Danny Elfmann). The actors are no longer to be introduced, so everything comes down to the story. And here things get complicated, because this is pretty subjective.

But if we analyze the matter from the point of view of feelings: the first half of Captain America Civil War left me indifferent, while the second got me hooked. Then, is the first half useless? Hard to say: for a brand new movie, I would have said yes without hesitation; however, a sequel – if it does not try to do more, bigger and flashier – must make the universe and characters evolve. And even if the dynamics are slower, we find this kind of approach in series like Game of Throne (to name just one) where half of each episode does not brings a lot of excitement but simply elements of psychology or narrative elements. And this is this logic that I found in the first half. More simply, we can say that Marvel take their time and does not completely scam us by offering us a 2h30 film for the same price. Also, the audience seemed to respond well to the film, and it is also a positive indicator.

Then regarding the content, there are completely ridiculous things like pulling motorcycle in flight, or manage to nail a chopper to the ground where some buoyancy would have been enough (it sells biceps!) But fortunately much of it is relevant. Or at least tthe fact that we are no more dealing with a third enemy, but whether with the Avengers group dynamics makes it interesting. Saddly, the motivation of the one instigating those tensions escapes me. Blame the fact I had no subtitle or the content itself? Because I must admit having a little trouble picking up the pieces here and there, with my face recognition problems. In this case I had to wait to see Ant-Man in action to recognize him and here it becomes obvious that anyone outside the Marvel Universe is almost excluded right the way.

Finally I enjoyed to see the new Marvel characters including Spiderman … even if it took me a little time to understand. I find here the fun I had on the first Avengers, to see several entangle universe, especially here in a scene at Berlin’s airport, which works well – even if the gravitas is lacking a bit in favor of a humor always as pleasant.

In conclusion, with Captain America Civil War we are dealing with a blockbuster of the purest form, which, in a world that is slowing a bit lately, managed to find a new youth … With his youthful mistakes : some weaknesses in writing and a few lengthiness, but that does not distract enormously. For the fans, I recommend, but I don’t need to, to the others pass your way: therefore this review is useless. QED!


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