The jungle Book

The Jungle Book

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Intrigued by highly rated remix of a film from my childhood, I went to see The Jungle Book, by John Favreau. Ah yes, I forgot to say that the fact that he directed it also weighed in the balance. So what about the last born of one of the director I admire the most?

Well I have not lost my admiration for him because, dealing with a somewhat sensitive subject that are these remixes, he managed not to murder Disney’s original work while adapting it with his personnal touches. Regarding the story, not too many surprises on that side, although I confess to have yawned three times, which very rarely happens to me at the movies. However, there are times when we really fear for Moogli, although small Sethi only offers a correct performance. Still, some scenes are remarkably full of tension, action and suspens.

Regarding the music, I enjoyed that Jon Favreau didn’t brought them like a bull in a chinese shop, but subtly introduced the two key songs from the film. Guess which ones ?!

But if you must go see this movie in theaters, it is because of one thing : the visuals! Grand gods it’s beautiful! I often remark a shot here and there in other movie and consequently give it a good point for visual or framing. But here, almost every shot is a wholly fresco, a bit like the Walt Disney when everything was drawn by hand. The details in the animals movement, in all those shots present just to populate this jungle and make it alive, is incredible. Even the fights are more realistic than in nature !

So here it is, all is said: The Jungle Book is generally a good movie, but a masterpiece for the eyes!

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