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Los Angeles so far

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Hi there !

So few news to sum things up cause it’s been a little over a week since I’m here in Los Angeles.
So How the cinema industry here ? still no F*** clue…. BUT .. I’ve had many advices from several people (and for that you can see my interviews) and things are getting a little less blurry.
I’ve been on several shooting with Guillaume and that was great ! Especially the one of *** with *** for a french TV channel (see other article)…
Also, I just learned today that James Kicklighter accepted to be interviewed, so I’ll have one more truly awesome person to introduce you. And I’m sure, he also have plenty of advices.

Last but not least, I’ve worked well on Freeze and the release should be soon !
I’ll leave you now with the photos.


montage freeze

Freeze, the final edit

first shooting la

Interview of larry karaszewski


Interview with the director of BangGang.