interview roosevelt

Monday Interview – that was badass !

In / news by XM studio host

So what you guys can see here is what I did on monday at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood which, I learned it after when we went to the roof, is right in front of the Chinese Theater, and offers a heck of a view on the Hollywood Sign and on Downtown.

So What did I do there ? Well I can’t say yet. With who ? I can say yet. What for ? I can’t say yet cause I don’t want any trouble.

So what can I say ? We were four to opérate 6 caméras including 3 C300, 2 BMPCC, and 1 C 100, that we had a fisher Dolly, and all that with one of the 100 top Stars of the Planet (according to IMDb) et that it was badass ! I’ll tell ou more once the interview will be diffused on TV.
So stay tuned !

interview roosevelt