Gear up!

In / newsby XM studio host

While it has served me well so far, my Rebel T2i will be set aside for video … Of course, this was already the case for my last projects, since I rented some gear from Digistore, but now it’s official, with the acquisition of a Blackmagic pocket cinema camera.

And I have completed it with a Zoom H5 and a torch IDV Diflite 200BC, a small bicolor pocket lighting bomb.

For the curious who wonder why this change, especially for a smaller sensor, the bitrate of the pocket is immensely higher (220 against 70 Mbps), it films in 10-bit (against 8) with a dynamic range of 13 stops (against 8).

Plus, I’ve already used it on several projects that are in post-production… so stay tuned!