Bad Bank Services - post fx

3D set extension – Bad Bank Services

In / Creation, / VFXby XM studio host

And always for this project started in London, today I started the special effects.

I started with a “sketch” in After Effects to see what the post could give, what we could hope from it, with 2D layers and particularly:

Bad Bank Services Composition 1 ss fx

Raw Image, no treatement

Bad Bank Services - post fx

Post VFX Image in after effect


But I find this a bit too flat, too “video game” VFX type. And then I’ll have to simulate a real smoke movement with the interaction with someone’s passing. So I went for 3Ds max:

3D Set simulation 0 soft

The scene

3D Set simulation 0 fumefx

The settings in 3ds (for illustration purposes)

3D Set simulation 0

A first draft render

3D Set simulation 1

A textured rendering with a very rapid integration of the film screen capture



Bref! at the time I write this it is 2:00 am, I’m going to bed! Stay tuned!