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While there is always a part of lobbying or politic in the Oscars “war”- call it whatever you want -, is not elected best film the worst of all. So I went to see Spotlight by pure curiosity , the 2016 Best motion Picture Oscar winning  film.

So as usual, I would tell you that it is good to go see a movie without expectations. Yet, Spotlight managed to surprise me right. In fact, I wondered for a while why it had been chosen winner, in comparison with – for instance – The Revenant, seen the day before, which is a much better visual and artistic work … Indeed Spotlight takes no risks on framing, techniques or even music (almost absent …). I could go even further, given the chosen theme : I wondered for a while when would the danger, a threat or even the stakes appear for our protagonists …

Yet, the truth shown by this film at the very end just gives you ” a big slap in the face”. And I’ll stop there, because all is said!

Oh no, I forgot to mention the tremendous work done by the actors !

And as usual, a small link to learn more! and the trailer: