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A deep fresh experience

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First review on this new interface, and one can already see the difference. I can make longer titles, and include medias much easier! Welcome to XM Studio V4 for a review of The Revenant !

The trailer had caught my attention, as well as numerous interviews in December 2015. And then, how frustrating to see the film released three months later when the whole American internet were talking about it way before. So I went gladly see this movie by Alejandro González Iñárritu, who had already offered an excellent Birdman ! Finally, I had to be sure: did they gave the Oscar to Di Caprio for his performance or because of social pressure?

Well – to begin with that – I think I can say that, indeed, DiCaprio earned his statuette. Without staying here whether it was there his best performance, nor even that competition was pale, no, but he did worked hard for this role. Sure, he hasn’t much text to deliver, and some will say that grunting is not hard (although sometimes… !) But the shooting conditions were not extremely simple neither!

Indeed, cold and nature pierce you to the bone! (Bone that you can carve yourself in the nose!) And although some detractors say that the story is not historically accurate, or this and that … Taken as a whole, it is some very good film work, no matter what Hollywood critics will say. On the first level of understanding, the story is simple, and even slow to some eyes. But if one put some more attention in there, a mystical dimension runs through the entire film to the point that several readings would be necessarily for a complete understanding.

To conclude simply, and as usual, I would answer, “Should you see this film in theater?”.  Here I think so, because the experience is really visual and acoustic, and it will be even more impressive in a cinema. And if you have trouble convincing you, listen to this Soundtrack, how original, simple and plain it is:

And take a look at the trailer!