Spandex is back

In / Critic by XM studio host

And without making you yearn any more, here’s my review of Deapool, Marvel’s little unloved. I tell you right away I liked it. In contrast to last Marvel movies that I was shaky and wheezy, the studio brings us a film as vulgar as entertaining!

Playing the card of a hero that is not one, we get a colorful character : remove Deadpool, and the film is hollow. But what a panache! The story is simple, very simple, a bit too simple? but I might be splitting hairs! It doesn’t matter, it is funny and vulgar to perfection, but with finesse and as usual, a full load of references!

When it comes to the technical aspect: it is clean and nothing let appear the tight budget of the prod, not even the special effects. But it is on the narrative that feels the lack of at least double the budget. In particular, I find, no spoiler, that the chosen structure is not the most likely to bring a blazing Grand final. Yet, nothing that bothers the reading of the movie.

To make short and simple, a good feature, with a good rhythm, which is not too seriously, nor with itself nor with the prod .. And that’s cool!