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Time travel is is an all-time classic in cinema history, and still is always a quite tough one. Making a sentence “I come from the future” sound dramatic more than “jk lol rofl…” is the tricky part. The key to success is then to introduce and justify well the trip in the past, and the last X-Men : Day’s of the Future Past is doing pretty well. As a matter of fact, it is even a bit original, and supported by a iconic actor : Hugh Jackman !

The story works quite well, and even if one could have expected the arrival of Logan in Charles’s school to be a bit more developed, the film still last 2h12. Rest of the story is as for every good blockbusters : it’s “concrete” to use a French expression. Meaning it works, it’s solid, and the end – far from the obvious – maintain the suspense ’till the last minutes !

Visually, the movie is rather good, even if the action don’t let you much time to contemplate it, and the color correction work is quite easy on the eye. I really prefer the visual effect from the 70s (in the movie
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) rather than the one in the temple that I find too much, too colorful and synthetic, as always with this kind of VFX. But it don’t affect the rhythm of the story in any way.

In conclusion, not much to say, unless that it is a good movie, perhaps one of the best X-Men – taking here the risk of overselling it a bit. As always when it comes to American big budget movies, it’s solid, efficient, and you don’t get bored. But here there’s a little more, a je-ne-sais-quoi that make this movie enjoyable more than others !